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Get the Most Out of Our Unrivaled Hearing Aid Solutions!

Your provider may be one of the 70% of hearing practices that do not perform hearing aid verification measures.

Don't settle for hearing aids without the proper settings and calibrations. This happens all too often, in fact, according to the American Academy of Audiology, it is suggested that only 30% of hearing practices report doing performance measuring verification on these intricate devices.

We follow best practices to unlock your instruments true potential.

Two Ways We Optimize Your Investment in Hearing Aids

If you are looking for the gold standard in hearing care, understand that Hearing Doctors of Iowa adheres to best practices in the fitting of your hearing instruments using real ear verification.


Verification is how we make sure your hearing aids are working RIGHT for your unique needs.


Validation is where YOU have a say in how your hearing aids sound and how your feedback improves your hearing aid experience.

Performing Hearing Aid Verfication

Hearing aid verification is performed by a qualified hearing healthcare professional by placing a small microphone in the patient’s ear canal that works to measure the sound coming from the hearing aid, evaluating how it travels to the eardrum. This process generates a hearing aid report and can identify any specific problems with your hearing aids that need fixing.

Without this measure to program your hearing aids properly, the outcome will be equivalent to using eyeglasses that have the wrong prescription lenses. Sure, you might be able to see a little better, but you still do not see as well as you could. Without proper verification for patients, it is merely a guessing game. Rely on the seasoned audiologists at Hearing Doctors of Iowa to deliver hearing tests and verifications to ensure you are equipped with hearing aids that suit you.

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What is Hearing Aid Validation?

After the verification measurement has been completed and the proper adjustments have been made, it is crucial for a patient to validate their hearing aids or assess their effectiveness from their own perspective. We will fine-tune your hearing aids to your exact preferences, ensuring that the hearing aids are not only performing accurately, but are also comfortable and meeting your needs.

It is important to note that it is a necessary practice to schedule a follow-up appointment for further adjustments after verification and validation. These appointments are another integral part of overall hearing aid success, as we will ask you questions regarding your experience. These questions are designed to provide our audiologists with the needed information to make adjustments to that hearing sweet spot, maximizing the benefit of your hearing aids for you. Your feedback is an essential piece of the hearing puzzle that is being designed specifically for you. Your hearing needs are unlike any other and require a high level of effort to achieve optimal results. We put in this effort because you’re worth it!

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